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Think about all the hard work you've put in to get where you are, and all the hard work that's yet to come for you to get where you want to be.
Why not show that off to the people around you?
Be proud of what you've created, and show everyone why they should pick you.
Let me tell your story trough crystal-clear visuals and quality sound design!

Video builds trust and personalizes the connection with the customer and puts a face to your brand.

Cinematic B-roll Video:

Promo video to use on facebook, youtube or website:

Short Form:

TikTok, Insta-Reel and youtube-Short friendly content:

Video Editing

Have you recorded yourself gaming and want those funny memes, sound effects and edited like other big youtubers? Smii7y, Grizzy and TheDooo are some of many examples of youtubers that don't edit their videos themselves.
They save a huge amount of time editing, plus the funny style of editing makes 70% of the video, as an editor that watch those youtubers regularly, I can confidently say that with my sense of humor and creative style of editing you'll get the viewer laughing their a** off. With access to a broad library of memes, sounds and green screens.

Or do you record a podcast and want to chop the best parts into short form with the engaging subtitles you see everywhere on social media these days? - No matter what kind of editing you need, I'll adapt my editing style to meet all your needs.

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