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Tell Your Story, And Build Your Brand Trough Video!

Everyone Knows The Expression: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

- So Imagine 24 pictures in one second!

now, Imagine what a video is worth!
then, Imagine showcasing what you are proud of, in crispy details with
bright and warm sun-flares shining on your brand. 

While smiling delighted customers are passing by, their faces filled with admiration. 
All this with beautiful sound design of the surroundings- children laughing, sounds of ocean breeze and distant seagulls in a breathtaking sunset. 

Along with windy whooshes, cinematic impacts and stunning transitions playing over your favorite emotional soundtrack.

Visually cool? - Yeah! Now imagine it as a drone shot instead with epic speed-ramps with your logo in slow motion. Blow the minds of anyone pressing play thinking they're about to watch another "corporate video"

You will get ahead of 80% of your competition including video to skyrocket your sales.
But not only that, studies have shown that by including video on your website, your SEO algorithms will favor you big time, bringing your website more traffic!


One of the nine learned human wants is to be informed, not only is this a very video-thing to use by informing others of what you're selling, but it's also a very powerful marketing technique to know about. But why would I make you aware of that?

To show you that I have more than video skills in my toolbox.
Cause what are you gonna do with a video that no one watches?- Pretty useless I'd say.
That's why I've dived into marketing head first,
to coach you as to where and how to push your video out, so people will see it.
It's important for me to bring value to the table,
and helping you get more money trough video and marketing, would be my goal working with you.

Do I use my marketing skills in video too? 

Of course! Have you ever heard of:
- Engaging hooks?

- Suspense?

- Climax?
- Denouement?

These are all super important steps in order to keep the viewer curious throughout the video, and are also the main ingredients you need to tell a good story.
If you don't keep the viewer around till the end,
your message isn't being delivered to the fullest and your product won't be sold.

How often are you scrolling trough TikTok or Insta reels, and find yourself scrolling away from a video in less than 1 second? -Yeah, that's our attention span as humans right now.
If you don't grab the viewers attention with an engaging hook in less than 3 seconds, you might as well throw the video in the garbage, now it's time to make them keep watching.

I have worked with clients that has over 370.000 followers across platforms, as well with athletes and influencers, and it would be an honor working by your side too, getting you the video you deserve!
Don't hesitate to book a call with me, or send me an email.

                                                         Or take a look at my portfolio: 


Thank you, we'll reach out soon!

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